F. Zeller The Mother. Premiere in Ugala theatre. Music and sounddesign: Ardo Ran Varres


The Boy and the Butterfly; Composer Ardo Ran Varres

The Boy and the Butterfly


25 min|Young children|Small Hall

A visual theatre production for young children. Based on a miniature by Anton Hansen Tammsaare and on the music created by Ardo Ran Varres.

A musical journey into the heart of the world, to the nearest meadow in the familiar forest grove. To a place that contains the whole world. A world to be happy about and to worry about, to love and to cherish.


Laura Nõlvak and Mirko Rajas

Author Anton Hansen Tammsaare
Director Leino Rei
Designer Erki Kasemets 
Composer Ardo Ran Varres
Lighting Designer Triin Rahnu


Animated film "Windows of Tartu, My Love" Composer: Ardo Ran Varres


Premiere in Pootsi manor. Composer: A. R. Varres


Premiere in Tõstamaa manor. Composer: A. R. Varres


Works for Mixed Choir from Estonia 2021. Noodiriiul.ee

Mariliis Valkonen/Peep Ilmet I Breathe
Mart Siimer Laudamus
Mari Vihmand/Adam Cullen Nonexistence
Mari Amor/Valdur Mikita The Test of Getting to God
Ardo Ran Varres/Marie Heiberg There is One Dream Left in My Song
Kadri Hunt/Uku Masing On Christmas Night
Andres Lemba Ubi caritas
Andres Lemba Salve Regina


Premiere. Estonian Music Days 2021. 13 Pieces for Two Pianos on Estonian Runic Melodies I-VI


Juudit. VAT theatre. Composer and music design: Ardo Ran Varres


Muinasjutumöll. Director: Damir Salimzianov Composer: Ardo Ran Varres

Play for children in Narva.


DocPoint 2021 opening movie: "Year of the Pig" /“Sea aasta”

The film Year of the Pig /“Sea aasta” gives us a look into a year in Estonian recent history, namely the year 2019, which brought us a schism in our politics and our generations. Where are we headed in this unbalanced world? Can we protect our land from our own controversial demands? Without choosing sides and without unnecessary explanations, director Raimo Jõerand and cameraman Rein Kotov tell us a thought provoking story about a nations arrival to the end of the industrial age, accompanied by the colorful music of composer Ardo Ran Varres.

  • Name in Original Language: Sea aasta
  • Director: Raimo Jõerand
  • Country: Estonia
  • Year: 2021
  • Length: 57 min
  • Cinematography: Rein Kotov
  • Editing: Raimo Jõerand
  • Music: Ardo Ran Varres
  • Production: Filmivabrik


Panoramic cinema in Pärnu Red Tower. Music and sounddesign: Ardo Ran Varres



Taken at Midnight. Tallinn Town Theatre. Composer Ardo Ran Varres

Taken At Midnight is a 2014 play by Mark Hayhurst on the life of Hans Litten, his cross-examination of Adolf Hitler in court in 1931 and his mother's attempts to secure his release after his arrest by the Nazis in 1933.

Director: Diana Leesalu




The Hound of the Baskervilles at Karlova theatre, Tartu, Estonia.

  • AUTOR Arthur Conan Doyle
  • LAVASTAJA Peep Maasik (TEMUFI)
  • DRAMATURG Mihkel Seeder (VAT Teater)
  • OSADES Andres Dvinjaninov, Veikko Täär, Ott Kartau, Lauri Kink, Silver Kaljula (TEMUFI), Elena Koit

Jon Steele "War Junkie" @ VAT Theatre. Sound design: Ardo Ran Varres

The director Sulev Keedus was inspired to produce War Junkie by the narrator’s dilemma – to achieve peace he needed to act like a callous soldier who prioritises a good camera shot over helping the wounded. What possesses a person to keep knocking on hell’s door? Is it a sense of mission or is it an addiction?


Author's concert of Ardo Ran Varres. 29 of October. Tartu. St John's Church.

Photo: Gabriela Urm


My Georg Ots. Play by S. Durnenkov. Directed by A. Ustinov. Original music: Ardo Ran Varres. Produced by: RAAAM




Live radioplay and lightperformance "Tuledes Paunvere". Original music and sounddesign: A. R. Varres (Palamuse Museum)


Original music for the shortfilm Karl and Carla

Premiere: 23. of april kell 17 Netikino.ee;  18:00 Elisa Elamus and Telia.


Symphony for One was performed in Toronto.

Photo: H. Green


Original music and sounddesign. WINTER SOLSTICE WEDDING. A video and light performance on faithfulness, time and love.


December 13, 2019 – January 13, 2020

A video and light performance on faithfulness, time and love.

For one month an ancient fairy-tale with long-forgotten mythological characters is going to come alive at the Estonian Open Air Museum. Come and take part in an exciting walk to the mystical world.

Only in selected evenings, the audience will gain a supernatural power to glance through closed doors and covered windows to find characters invisible to the naked eye bustling around and disappearing when the rooster crows for the third time.

Taavi Varm’s video installations to a play by Andres Noormets with sound arrangement by Ardo Ran Varres are projected on the walls and roofs of the farm houses, storehouses, windmill, and other buildings of the museum.

The story which consists of six parts takes the audience to a late-night walk in the museum park where they may come across the devil, a kratt aka a mystical treasure-bearer, a mermaid, and the daughters of meadow matron Murueit. Only in selected evenings, the audience will gain a supernatural power to glance through closed doors and covered windows in which there are characters who are invisible to the naked eye going about their business, disappearing when the rooster crows for the third time.

The exciting walk can only be enjoyed for one month from 4 pm to 8:30 pm every evening (except December 24, 25 & 31)




Original music, music- and sounddesign. Videmapping "Spirit of Tartu" (A. Merilai, M. Koldits, A. Tenusaar. University of Tartu)


Film composer Richard Harvey in PÖFF. Music Meets Film. Moderated by Ardo Ran Varres


Original music for the theatre saga "W"


A theatre saga in two acts

Something totally unexpected happens in 1870. Something that irrevocably changes the fate of a people and culture. It is the birth of theatre in our mother tongue.

Across changing times, success and glamour, destruction and rising from ashes, inspiration and fascination with art, the avant-garde and the traditional, loss and discovery, this utterly unlikely phenomenon has lasted and evolved already for 150 years. Everything changes: decorations, and costumes, styles and trends, directors and janitors, dances and songs, managers and budgets, cues and characters, systems of government and actors – nobody and nothing lasts forever. But the theatre remains … or does it?

Première on 16 November 2019 at the Grand Building of the Vanemuine Theatre

Author Loone Ots, co-authors Ain Mäeots, Rein Pakk, Anu Tonts
Director Ain Mäeots
Conductor Taavi Kull
Composers Tauno Aints, Ardo Ran Varres, Leslie Laasner
Scenographer Kristjan Suits
Costume designer Gerly Tinn
Lyrics Aapo Ilves
Choreographer Britt Kõrsmaa


Nightmusic in Tartu Jaani Church. 1 and 2 of November. 10-12 PM

Music by: Ardo Ran Varres

Video: Maria Elisaveta Roosalu


Premiere: Captain Mihkel. Original music composed by Ardo Ran Varres



Gold Award, Estonian Design Awards 2019 (Special objects)


Premiere: Eesti muinasjutt for large Orchestra (Songfest 2019)


Premiere: Juudit by A. H. Tammsaare. Directed by Airat Abusakhmanov. Original music: Ardo Ran Varres Produced by RAAAM


The Tragedy of the Commons. (For Wind Orchestra) World premiere. World Music Days 2019


Estonian National Museum

Estonian Police and Border Guard Orchestra
Conductor Hando Põldmäe

Estonian Police and Border Guard Orchestra is a collective body of 34 professional musicians representing the Police and Border Guard Board. The Orchestra was established in 2010 by joining the former Police Orchestra and Estonian Border Guard Orchestra.
The range of performances of the Orchestra is wide and the calendar of concerts is many-sided in style. It includes performances on events of the Police and Border Guard Board as well as on national events, concerts on music festivals and in concert halls.


My Estonian Grandmother. Play by Julia Aug. Music by Ardo Ran Varres

RAAAM/Vaba Lava


Original music for the play Persona by Ingmar Bergman.


Psychological drama by Ingmar Bergman

Famous actress Elisabet Vogler has a nervous breakdown during a performance of Electra and stops speaking Therapy does not yield the hoped-for results and the doctor opts for unconventional treatment: sends Elisabet and young nurse Alma to a nice summer house by the seaside. Elisabet is still silent but gradually Alma starts revealing her inner self to her mute patient…

Persona was released in 1966 starring Bibi Andersson and Liv Ullmann. It has spawned countless analyses, interpretations and debates since it was first screened. Persona contains many favourite Bergmanesque elements, including insanity and identity crisis, and it’s often been seen as a study in Jung’s split personality theory as seen through cinema or theatre. Critics have called the work the Mont Blanc of film and have opined there is no one correct interpretation.

Premiere on 26 January 2019 at the Small Building, Vanemuine theatre

Director Ain Mäeots

Translator Ülev Aaloe

Designer and lighting designer Kristjan Suits

Video designer Emer Värk

Original music and sounddesign Ardo Ran Varres

In roles Linda Kolde, Ragne Pekarev, Marika Barabanštšikova, Jüri Lumiste or Ain Mäeots


Interview: Filmus.ee Filmmusic composer Ardo Ran Varres



Original music for feature film The Real Life of Joh. Pääsuke

Dir. H. Volmer

Kopli kinokompanii 2019


Ardo Ran Varres plays Oskar Kallas in the feature film by Hardi Volmer


Ardo Ran Varres got a recognition prize 2018 for original music and sounddesign.

Colleagues of Endla (Pärnu, Estonia) theatre nominated Ardo Ran Varres with a recognition prize for original music and sounddesign.

Music was composed for the performances Dreamworks (Dir. I. Vihmar) and Life and Love (Dir. A. Toikka)


Ardo Ran Varres Film Music Band live video


Curse of the Dragon. Original music

Based on a book with the same title by Helen Käit.

Janne and Joosep find a mysterious book of charms that takes the sister and brother along with it to a magical world. The children find themselves in the strange Kingdom of Regnum, where rejoicing crowds receive them. Yet shortly, the dreadful truth comes to light – the Kingdom of Regnum has suffered for centuries under the curse of an awful dragon. Every year, the dragon demands the most beautiful girl in the kingdom for himself and if it does not get its victim, it destroys entire cities and villages. Now the entire population hopes that Janne and Joosep are the ones who will end the curse! A frightening adventure full of the arts of magic and fantastic creatures awaits the sister and brother, where they exceed their own previous limitations.

Premiere: 30 November 2018 on the Big Stage. Estonian Dramatheatre

Director: Kersti Heinloo

Art Director: Kristjan Suits (Tallinn City Theatre)

Lighting Designer: Airi Eras

Music Composer and sound design: Ardo Ran Varres

Motion Director: Raho Aadla

Cast: Teele Pärn, Christopher Rajaveer, Viire Valdma, Liisa Saaremäel, Aleksander Eelmaa, Inga Salurand, Pääru Oja, Sander Roosimägi.


Heaven upon Narva. Videomapping

Scenario: D. Tomberg, video: T. Varm, music and sound: A. R. Varres


Original score for drama Life and Love (A. H. Tammsaare/A. Kivirähk) Pärnu theatre. Dir. A. Toikka.


DAYS OF ESTONIAN CULTURE IN BERLIN 2018 Symphony For One. Allegro con moto


Brotfabrik, Caligariplatz 1, 13086 Berlin

5 pm – 6 pm Professor dr Cornelius Hasselblatt’s lecture „Random thoughts on new Estonian literature“ (only in Estonian)

6 pm – 7 pm Break

7 pm – 9 pm Performance of Tartu New Theatre “Symphony For One. Allegro con moto” (only in Estonian)

After the performance Q&A with director and musical designer Ardo Ran Varres and actor Aleksander Eelmaa (only in Estonian)

9.15 pm – 10 pm Break

10 pm – 11 pm Viktor’s Joy‘s concert



33 variations. Sounddesign by Ardo Ran Varres

Drama by Moisés Kaufman

This award-winning play written by contemporary American playwright Moisés Kaufman in 2007 has two storylines, one of them 200 years ago, the other one in our own time.

It is 1819. Composer Ludwig van Beethoven becomes enthralled by a simple waltz strain and is obsessed with the desire to make every note perfect, stringing them like pearls into a necklace of 33 variations – a work that would be the crowning achievements of piano music. At the same time, he has to do battle with poor finances and worsening deafness.

It is 2009. Successful musicologist Katherine Brandt starts solving the puzzle surrounding the origins of the variations. Why did Beethoven “waste” the closing years of his life on a banal waltz? Only a vain desire to show the worlds that he could even turn mediocre material into a masterwork? The voyage undertaken by this independent minded woman to solve the mystery forces her to reappraise many things in her own life.

As they are interwoven, the two stories become variations on the question: what is art? how does art make everyday life transcendent? how does life supply material for art?

In the production, we hear excerpts from Beethoven’s 33 Variations on a Waltz by Diabelli.

Premiere on 6 October 2018 at the Small Building/Vanemuine/Tartu

Translator Herdis Olmaru
Director Heiti Pakk
Designer Maarja Meeru
Video designer Juho Porila
Sounddesign Ardo Ran Varres
Lighting designer Imbi Mälk

In roles Marika Barabanštšikova, Marian Heinat, Ragne Pekarev, Guido Kangur (Estonian Drama Theatre), Karl Laumets, Jüri Lumiste, Margus Jaanovits, Andre Hinn


Ardo Ran Varres Film Music Band. 15 of September 7 PM TUT/Tartu New Theatre



Ardo Ran Varres Film Music Band

Live: 12 of September 2018. Tallinn/Hobuveski

15 of September Tartu/Tartu Uus Teater

7 PM

Musicians: Jorma Toots, Andre Maaker, Ahto Abner, Lauri Kadalipp, Ardo Ran Varres.

Special guest: Liisi Koikson

Photos: Siim Vahur



Music design for the play Kostja and the Giant (Theatre company RAAAM)

Author: Mart Kivastik Director: Aleksandr Ogarev

Premiere 25th of July 2018. Viinistu/Estonia          www.raaam.ee


Student Festival Gaudeamus 2018. Dance performance: The Mystery of Midsummer Eve. Music design by Ardo Ran Varres


Gaudeamus has turned into both a song and dance festival and is hosted, as a rule, every four years either by Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. Moreover, there are always participants coming afar or from neighboring countries, from the United States to Novorossiysk in Russia. In 2006, when the 50th anniversary of the Students’ Song Festival was celebrated, almost 6000 performers from the Baltic and Nordic countries gathered in Tartu, the celebrations were enjoyed by more than 30 000 spectators.

10 p.m. Dance performance: “The Mystery of Midsummer Eve“

Tartu’s Tamme Stadium will fill with mystery and the spirit of blossoming love. At Estonia’s first nocturnal dance celebration, folk dance will be combined with modern dance for the first time in the festival’s long history. We will bring the mystery and mysticism inherent of Midsummer Eve and traditions of three small nations to the stadium.

The idea for the performance is inspired by Juhani Pütsepp’s story, which tells us about a young man and woman who fall in love but are forbidden to be together. Their love brings about a series of adventurous and mysterious events, from which the tradition of Midsummer Eve bonfires is born. This is a romantic story filled with adventure, which seems like an old legend or a myth about the origins of the Midsummer Eve celebrations. The lighting at this performance is almost like an actor – an important and constantly changing character.

Renee Nõmmik is the director, Ardo Ran Varres, the musical designer, and Meelis Lusmägi, the lighting artist.


Original music for Drama. Tallinn City Theatre. Premiere: Vürst Gabriel.

Introduction to Tallinn City Theatre

In 2016, Tallinn City Theatre celebrated its 50th anniversary. Starting out in Soviet times as Estonian Youth Theatre, a state-owned touring company, made up of an entire class of fresh drama school graduates and a small number of big names, it has transformed during five decades into an established, yet vibrant and dynamic repertory theatre, operating in one of the most remarkable theatre buildings in the world.


Electroacoustic music concert

June 5, 15:00. Tartu, Eller school.


Ardo Ran Varres channsonnier Gruber Frankenstein

Photo: Rene Jakobson


Apis Mellifera for Cello, Accordion, live-electronics and phonogram. World premiere

Estonian Music Days 2018. Final Concert. The Horizon





Estonia Concert Hall 
(Estonia pst 4)



Yxus Ensemble
Conductor Kaspar Mänd

Robert Jürjendal (b. 1966)
“Raba” / “Bog” for string quintet, woodwind quintet and percussion (2018, premiere)
Jüri Reinvere (b. 1971)
“Ecotone” for percussion and fixed media (2007)
Helena Tulve (b. 1972)
“ligne d’horizon” for large ensemble (2005, Estonian premiere)
Erkki-Sven Tüür (b. 1959)
“Lichttürme” for violin, cello and piano (2016)
Pärt Uusberg (b. 1986)
“Inner Sound” for large ensemble (2018, premiere)
Ardo Ran Varres (b. 1974)
“Apis mellifera” for cello, accordion, live electronics and fixed media (2017, premiere)

It seems to me that one of the touch points of this concert to Estonian Music Days and also unconsciously a holy subject is nature and environment, worries about what might one day appear from behind the horizon. Concerning Yxus Ensemble, it is worth mentioning that this time we perform as a large sinfonietta. Since the end of Nyyd Ensemble about a decade ago, this is the first and hopefully not the last programme for Yxus with a conductor involved.
Leho Karin, Yxus Ensemble


Ardo Ran Varres

TCO 25.

VENUETallinn Philharmonic Society House of Blackheads, White HallDATE04.04.2018TIME19:00TICKET20/15 €



Soloist ja conductor RISTO JOOST

Steve Reich Clapping Music

Erkki-Sven Tüür "Action"

Steve Reich Duo for Two Violins and String Orchestra (solistid Harry Traksmann ja Olga Voronova)

John Cage Water walk (solist Risto Joost)

Heinz Karl Gruber "Frankenstein" Chansonnier Ardo Ran Varres

Ardo Ran Varres "Concentra" for String Orchestra

Photos: Rene Jakobson


Dreamworks. Premiere in Endla theatre.

author Ivan Võrõpajev

translation Tiit Alte

director/music design Ingomar Vihmar

set design Rosita Raud

light design Margus Vaigur

composer Ardo Ran Varres

coreographer Rauno Zubko

vocal coach Elo Kesküla

Actors: Sten KarpovLiis KarpovFatme Helge LeevaldKleer Maibaum-VihmarCarmen MikiverJekaterina NovosjolovaAgo AndersonLauri KinkLauri Mäesepp ja Ingomar Vihmar

Premiere: 3 of March



New choral music concert

March 3rd 2018 at 4 p.m at Tubin Hall of Heino Eller Tartu Music School
March 4th 2018 at 5 p.m at Rapla Contemporary Art Centre
March 5th 2018 at 8 p.m at White Hall of Tallinn Philharmonic Society House of Blackheads

Repertoire: Jõeleht (premiere), Jürjendal (premiere), Kruusmaa (premiere), Kõlar (premiere), M. Kõrvits (premiere), Külama (premiere), Siimer (premiere), Valkonen (premiere), Varres (premiere)

Dmitri Bulgakov (oboe)

Conductor: Pärt Uusberg


Faust. Original music by Ardo Ran Varres




PREMIERE 03.02.2018 - 19:00

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s philosophical novel Faust has many like-minded counterparts in world literature. These works are characterised by a powerful thematic vortex involving the search for the meaning of life and eternal youth, and the intricacies of a world shot with morality and ethics, sin and Hell, cravings and greed.

Director and dramatist Hendrik Toompere (Estonian Drama Theatre)

Scenographer and costume designer Pille Jänes

Composer Ardo Ran Varres

In roles Linda Kolde, Marian Heinat, Veiko Porkanen, Andres Mähar, Reimo Sagor, Priit Strandberg, Margus Jaanovits, Hannes Kaljujärv, Jüri Lumiste, Jaanus Tepomees


DocPoint Helsinki opening movie: Rodeo. Music composed by Ardo Ran Varres

In 1992, Estonia saw its first free election since World War II. The young republic was in chaos. Still, a 32-year-old idealist called Mart Laar was elected into office and went on to become Europe’s youngest Prime Minister.
Estonian-Finnish co-production tells of the first years of independence as the country traveled towards capitalism and out of the Soviet past. Suddenly you could get bananas and pantyhose from the store – if you had money. 

Language: Estonian, English, Swedish, Finnish
Subtitles: English

The directors Kiur Aarma and Raimo Jõerand and producer Ari Matikainen will be present at Monday’s and Saturday’s screenings. After Friday’s screening, at 18:45 at Savoy, a discussion will be held on the first years of Estonia’s independence.


  • Director: Kiur Aarma, Raimo Jõerand

    Country: Estonia

    Year: 2017

    Length: 75 min

    Age limit: S

    Format: DCP

    Cinematography: Manfred Vainokivi

    Editing: Matti Näränen

    Audio: Horret Kuus

    Music: Ardo Ran Varres

    Production: Kiur Aarma, Ari Matikainen / Traumfabrik & Kinocompany



    Savoy-teatteri: Mon 29.1. klo 19.00, avajaisnäytös

    Savoy-teatteri: Fri 2.2. klo 17.30

    Kinopalatsi 7: Sat 3.2. klo 21.00



    Ohjaaja: Kiur Aarma, Raimo Jõerand

    Valmistusmaa: Viro

    Vuosi: 2017

    Kesto: 75 min

    Ikäraja: S

    Esitysformaatti: DCP

    Kuvaaja: Manfred Vainokivi

    Leikkaus: Matti Näränen

    Ääni: Horret Kuus

    Musiikki: Ardo Ran Varres

    Tuotanto: Kiur Aarma, Ari Matikainen / Traumfabrik & Kinocompany



Drama "Queen of the Night". Original music by Ardo Ran Varres

Director: Helen Rekkor



Beatrice. (Drama) Original music and sounddesign by Ardo Ran Varres. Theatre Vanemuine


A romance about the future by Siret Campbell

Beatrice looks at the future, using an engrossing format to examine the lives of people several decades from now at a time when technological progress has given humankind new and more beneficial possibilities for everyday life and entertainment. Who wouldn’t want to live a better, more multifaceted and longer life? Immortality is something that has been sought since the dawn of time. Can technology develop an elixir that banishes our greatest fear and obstacle to enjoying life?

The characters in this play aren’t inventors or superheroes – they don’t travel to undiscovered planets or own laser weapons. Tom and Kristi are ordinary people who try to live their lives and love each other. When they lose it all, there’s still a way to get it all back. Beatrice shows up and life can go on. However, the new life is something unprecedented and it isn’t that easy to cope with it.

Director Ain Mäeots

Scenographer and costume designer Maarja Meeru

Composer and musical designer Ardo Ran Varres

Video designer and visual electronic solutions Emer Värk

Lighting designer Meelis Lusmägi

Coreographer Britt Kõrsmaa

In roles Priit Strandberg, Marian Heinat,  Kärt Tammjärv, Veiko Porkanen, Linda Kolde, Karol Kuntsel, Silver Kaljula (Must Kast), Liina Tennosaar, Nora Ann Lunge or Eliise Mustkivi


Incidental music. VAT Theatre, historical play "Sirk's Estonia"


It could have gone differently

EV100 theatre project „Story of the century”: co-production of National Library, labyrinth theatre group G9 and VAT Theatre
It is said, that history was written by the winners. Napoleon even said, that history is just bunch of lies, that people have agreed on. This gives us a feeling, that the past is something quite random and fragile. At the same time the understanding of own history influences national identity strongly.

G9 and VAT Theater lead audience through the maze of National Library in to an alternative reality – into Estonia, where history has a different meaning. New founding fathers have decided, that people should remember only positive and motivating details of our history. And when there isn´t enough positive in the past, then we should think out new epic stories ourselves.
But a young man, Eduard, emerges with a holy mission to tell people only the historical truth. He wants to tell a story about the revolutionary 1930ies. He wants to tell the story of Artur Sirk, a young statesman, who was caught in the crossfire of political corruption and power struggle. Eduard wants to tell about a time, when Estonians were forced to decide, what road to choose as a nation and country.

The new founding fathers aren´t happy with Eduard´s plan. It goes against their main rule: everything can always go differently. But can it? Can we question every historical event or do we have to accept some of it as unshakable facts. How should we remember our past? How should we talk about it? And by the way – who on earth was this Artur Sirk?!

Premiere: October 5th 2017 in National Library

NB! The first part of the production is an excursion through the National Library´s building. That means quite a lot of stairs.

Original idea: Indrek Hargla and Aare Toikka
General concept: Aare Toikka, Mihkel Seeder and G9

EXCURSION: Adele Thele Robam, Triin Aas, Kristo Kruusman, Kristel Maamägi, Henry Griin, Mari Mägi, Liis Viira, Keili Retter, Andra Aaloe, Juhan Vihterpal, Markus Robam, Joonatan Jürgenson and others

EXHIBITION: Keili Retter, Ave Tölpt, Tiiu Laur, Henry Griin, Mihkel Seeder, Tiiu Talvist

Authors Aare Toikka, Mihkel Seeder
Director: Aare Toikka
Designers: Henry Griin and Aare Toikka
Costume designer: Keili Retter
Lightning designer: Sander Põllu
Composer: Ardo Ran Varres
Choreograph: Marge Ehrenbusch
Choir: National Library´s women´s choir (conductor: Anneli Surva)
Cast: Katrin Saukas, Elina Reinold, Meelis Põdersoo, Tanel Saar, Margo Teder, Ago Soots


CD New Estonian Chamber Music

Vesik, Eespere, Kõrvits, Tulve, Tally, Varres, Maltis, Kõrver Estonian Music Information Centre 2017


Ardo Ran Varres (1974) The Field Of Now [Praegu-väli]
for flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, viola, two pianos and live electronics (2013) 16.43
Tartu New Music Ensemble: Oksana Sinkova (flute), Tõnu Kalm (clarinet), Kadri Rehema (viola), Kadri-Ann Sumera (piano), Jaan Kapp (piano)



Ardo Ran Varres plays in The Name of the Rose

Role: Ubertino of Casale

Director Tanel Jonas. Theatre Vanemuine.

Premiere 13 July 2017 in the ruins of the Tartu Cathedral

Photos: Heikki Leis


Original music for the play It`s Not Time For Making Love

Premiere 5th of July at Kolga Manor

Director: Damir Salimsjanov (Udmurtia)



Original music for TV-documentary "A Moment in History" (40 series)

Estonian Public Broadcasting

Director: A. Lepasar  Author: R. Jõerand



Symphony for One. Allegro con moto / Tartu Uus Teater. Premiere 21 of April




Ardo Ran Varres showcase at Tallinn Music Week

Klassikaraadio Contemporary Music Stage feat. C3 Festival




Originaalmuusika lavastusele MISTER GREEN, VAT teatris.



Esietendus 29. märtsil 2017 Rahvusraamatukogu Teatrisaalis

Visuaalne lastelavastus metsast

Eestis on harukordselt palju metsa, aga sellegipoolest on see inimestele ajapikku võõraks ja isegi hirmutavaks paigaks muutunud. Tundmatusse rohelusse sattudes tunneb moodne inimene end õige pea üksikuna ja eksinuna. Ei oska ta enam märgata taimede hääletuid toimetusi ega sedagi, millise hämmastava võrgustiku, world wide woodi, üks mets on üles ehitanud. Oleks vaid võimalik seda kuidagimoodi näha ja mõista!

Väga kiiresti peab need trikid selgeks õppima Marco, kes eksib saatuse tahtel metsasügavusse ning peab seal üle elama pelutava öö. Kodust jõudis ta kaasa haarata vaid kiiresti tühjeneva mobiili ja kalli potitaime. Marco mõistab, et ellujäämiseks on tal vaja tugevamaid abilisi. Kuidas aga võita puid enda poolele? Kas nende keelt on võimalik kuidagi kõneleda? Ja kas ta saab ikka lõpuni kindel olla, et puud ei suhtu hoopis temasse kui sissetungijasse?

Lavastaja Helen Rekkor („Üle vee” ja „Süüria rahvalood” Vabal Laval, „See kõik on tema” Rakvere Teatris) loob VAT Teatri laval visuaalselt haarava keskkonna, paiga, kus Marco digitaalne maailm ja looduse müstiline reaalsus omavahel lootusetult segamini lähevad.

Idee autorid ja dramaturgid: Mihkel Seeder, Giuditta Mingucci (teater Elsinor, Itaalia)
Lavastaja: Helen Rekkor (Teatriühendus Misanzen)
Kunstnik: Annamaria Cattaneo (teater Elsinor, Itaalia)
Videokunstnik: Henry Griin
Helilooja: Ardo Ran Varres
Näitleja: Rauno Kaibiainen (Improteater IMPEERIUM)

Lavastus sünnib projekti Platform Shift+ raames VAT Teatri ja teater Elsinori (Itaalia) koostööna. 


CD They Went And Planted...an overview at Classical Radio



CD presentation



New CD released. They Went And Planted...


Original music for shadow play: The Star-Child by Oscar Wilde

Director: Leino Rei



Ardo Ran Varres interviews mr. Heiner Goebbels



Tallinn Music High School 55. Concert 12th of November

Composers: Tiina Kiilaspea, Lea Gabral, Mati Kuulberg, Tarmo Lepik, Lepo Sumera, René Eespere,
Rein Rannap, Jüri Tamverk, Ville Kell, Anto Pett , Urmas Sisask, Margo Kõlar, Kaido Suss,
Priit Pajusaar, Mart Siimer, Mari Vihmand, Rauno Remme, Toomas Trass, Eerik Semlek,
Tõnu Kõrvits, Kerri Kott a, Helena Tulve, Tõnis Kaumann, Jüri Reinvere, Katri Rebane, Mari Amor,
Ardo Ran Varres, Märt-Matis Lill, Timo Steiner, Mirjam Tally, Kairi Kosk, Kristjan Randalu,
Andrus Rannaääre, Ülo Krigul, Mihkel Kerem, Liis Viira, Liisa Hirsch, Maria Kõrvits, Evelin Seppar


Original music for drama The Linden Tree


Drama by John B. Priestley

The novels and plays of the classic British writer and playwright J. B. Priestley (1894-1984) has long been known in the Estonian cultural sphere as well. The author’s works were most recently on the stage of the Vanemuine in 1991, when Jaan Tooming produced his play I Have Been Here Before. The Linden Tree is one of Priestley’s later works (1947) and is being performed in Estonia for the first time.
Like many a Priestley play, the events unfold in a middle-class family in England, this time in the home of Robert Linden, a history professor in a small university town. Family members who have gathered to celebrate his 65th birthday involuntarily bring their own troubles and problems, which tie in with issues confronting all of society. The end of World War II has injected a new drive, ideas and dreams into every generation, but it has also brought fears and the need to change values, not unlike today’s era.
In a more universal sense, this realistically wrought family drama talks about changing times, reconciliation with the past and ways of shaping the future.

Premiere 01.10.2016 at the Vanemuine Small Building

Director Peeter Raudsepp
Designer Lilja Blumenfeld
Music Ardo Ran Varres
Lighting designer Imbi Mälk
Cast Hannes Kaljujärv, Külliki Saldre, Karol Kuntsel, Marika Barabanštšikova, Piret Laurimaa, Linda Kolde, Jüri Lumiste, Merle Jääger, Marian Heinat, Karl Laumets


Music design for exhibition "Question of Faith". Voronja gallery 2016

Exhibition by Sandra Jõgeva

Photos: Ruudu Rahumaru


Incidental music. "Katarina mõrsjalinik. Risti ja kivi tee" Emajõe Suveteater, Tartu.


Hums of Tallinn. Premiere in Wrocław, Poland.


Sound portrait of Tallinn offers insights to different places, ages, people. Compositions based on sounds that are recorded in Tallinn, inherit from years 1999–2016.

Program introduces Tallinn through diverse places: hospitals, churches of old town, cafes, ports, parks. These are the places where people of different ages, in different times have socialized with each other and themselves.

 City’s hums, bongs, beats, rustles have become the source of Estonian composers’ pieces. Through different composers’ eyes the pieces are an insight into a person, literally and figuratively.


Lepo Sumera (1950–2000) Südameasjad / Heart affairs (1999) – excerpt I

Marianna Liik (1992) Sissevaated aega ja ruumi / Insights to time and space (2016) **

Ekke Västrik (1988) Contact with Tallinn (2016) **

Lepo Sumera (1950–2000) Südameasjad / Heart affairs (1999) – excerpt II

Ardo Ran Varres (1974) Tallinna suminad / Hums of Tallinn (2016) **

Lepo Sumera (1950–2000) Südameasjad / Heart affairs (1999) – excerpt III

Margo Kõlar (1961) Beebisümfoonia / Baby Symphony (2015) – excerpt

Margo Kõlar (1961) Tornikellade laul / Song of Tower Bells (2011)

Lepo Sumera (1950–2000) Südameasjad / Heart affairs (1999) –  excerpt IV



They Went and Planted..Trailer


They Went and Planted...Photos by Gabriela Liivamägi


Estonian Authors Society prize for original music in theatre 2016: Krabat. (Tallinn Town Theatre) Original music Ardo Ran Varres


Good Theatre prize 2016



They Went and Planted the Seeds of Shadows Because the Light Started to Sprout

A staged serenade in one act for texts by Artur Alliksaar

First public event at Black Box Studio.  (Rohuneeme tee 1/7, Viimsi))

World premiere: 9.apr. 2016

They Went and Planted the Seeds of Shadows Because the Light Started to Sprout is a theatre piece of music and light inspired by the night with its ntightmares, visions, delusions, shadows, colours, fears, sleepwalking and sleep talking, discovery of new worlds, letting go of the old, desire for renewal and awakening. Sleep unites us. We are all equal in sleep. During the night we are forming a community: a sleep community. At night the endless corridors of our subconsciousness process what we saw and heard during the day. There are two things certain in life: sleep and death.

The composer and the director have selected poems about the night by Artur Alliksaar. His metaphorical, playful use of the Estonian language is extremely musical and inspirational. In Alliksaar’s texts, the sound associations and sound symbolism are in the foreground and his poetry has been characterized as having “the sonic primacy.”

They Went and Planted the Seeds of Shadows Because the Light Started to Sprout is not an opera. It is a stream of dream-like, freely structured scenes that begins in the evening and ends at dawn. What is happening to us when we are not awake? Are we all connected as an invisible community or do we completely disconnect from each other and wander into infinite loneliness?

They Went and Planted the Seeds of Shadows Because the Light Started to Sprout is an hour-long concert-performance of sound and lights, shadows, shades, and light flashes. The lighting design is an integral part of the work, which will be performed by seven instrumentalists and two singers.

In collaboration with YXUS Ensemble

Ardo Ran Varres (composer)

Liis Kolle (stage director)

Oliver Kulpsoo (lighting designer)

Reili Evart (costume designer)

Tammo Sumera (sound engineer)

Jaanika Kilgi (soprano)

Taniel Kirikal (baritone/countertenor)

YXUS Ensemble:

Mihkel Peäske (flute / bass flute)

Toomas Vavilov (clarinet / bass clarinet)

Peeter Sarapuu (bassoon / contra bassoon)

Harry Traksmann (violin)

Laur Eensalu (viola)

Leho Karin (cello, artistic director)

Madis Metsamart (percussion)



Lightfestival at Tõravere Observatory.

Ardo Ran composed original music and made sounddesign for the Lightfestival (end of october 2015)

Director: Jaan Ulst

More information:



Original music for TV-drama "The Black Widows"

Director: A. Puustusmaa

Paprika/ERR 2015


Original music for the play EKKE MOOR by A. Gailit

Director: Aare Toikka

Design: Iir Hermeliin

Music: Ardo Ran Varres

Choreographer: Kristjan Rohioja

The production is a collaboration between Estonian Academy of Music and Drama, Kuressaare City Theatre and VAT Theatre.

Premiere: July 30, 2015 in Kuressaare Sadamaait

Performances in Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Tallinn) take place in October and November 2015.



Music design for the play LIBAHUNT (The Werewolf) by A. Kitzberg

Director Sergey Potapov (Sahha republik. Jakutia)

Set-Design Ervin Õunapuu

Music design Ardo Ran Varres

Light design Priidu Adlas

Actors: Kristiina Hortensia Port, Liisa Pulk, Martin Kõiv, Ivo Uukkivi, Kristo Viiding, Mari Lill, Piret Simson

Produced by NGO R.A.A.A.M


Cymatics and live-music

Duo Toivo Sõmer and Ardo Ran Varres. "Helimustrid"


Overture "Citizens of the Republic" world premiere

Performed by Estonian National Symphony Orchestra.

Conducted by Risto Joost


Original music for the play Krabat. Tallinn City Theatre

Krabat by O. Preussler. Directed by D. Leesalu

Premiere: 31 of January 2015



“Krabat” is a play for grown-ups who love magic, adventures and fairy tales, as well as for the younger viewers. Because of certain sombre elements it is not advisable for children under seven years of age.

Photo: Siim Vahur


Original music for Kosmos IMAX trailer


Video: Bassclarinet Concerto premiere

Meelis Vind, Mikk Murdvee and Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta plays Ardo Ran's Bassclarinet Concerto "Awakening Bell"


Undiscovered Soundscapes. Showcase of Estonian Composers

Ardo`s music was played in a Showcase of Estonian (filmmusic) composers.



Original music for the silent-film Bear Hunt in Pärnumaa

Composition competition third place winner


Opening of the Vaba Lava Venue. Friday, 19. Sept. 2014

Circle Mirror Transformation, Written by Annie Baker, Directed by Adrian Giurgea, Composer Ardo Ran Varres, Produced by NGO R.A.A.A.M.







Original music for new documentary

Ardo Ran composed music for documentary "The Sun is a good Child"

Film by mr. Vahur Laiapea




Bass Clarinet Concerto

World premiere:

Fri, July 11th at 7 pm St John’s church Tartu, Estonia
Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta, Meelis Vind (bass clarinet), conductor Mikk Murdvee
Bach, Pärt, Kerem, Varres (première − Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra)





New Clarinet duo premiered




Original music for new documentary The Gold Spinners

The Gold Spinners tells the story of the birth, glory and downfall of a peculiar, invisible and mighty business empire. It's a story of the film studio Eesti Reklaamfilm – the only enterprise producing commercials in the Soviet Union. It might have been born in the head of one man, but during its heyday the studio provided employment for hundreds of people and its clips won over millions. And all this in the 'socialist empire', under the conditions of planned economy and universal lack of everything. With no actual goods to advertise, marketing rules did not apply and even the word advertisement sounded almost as horrible as 'the CIA', 'the saxophone' or 'Coca-Cola' to the thousands of concerned officials.


Kristo Kampus has made a video from the festival Ankunft: Neue Musik




Ardo Ran`s compositions for cello and electronics will be performed in Berlin 7. of Sept. 2013 starting at 19:30

Festival for new music

Ankunft: Neue Musik




Force Majeure (for cello and phonogram 2012) at Estonian Composers Festival, tuesday 4. of June

Ardo Ran`s composition Force Majeure will be performed at St John`s Church, Tartu, tuesd. 4. of June, 21.00


Aare Tammesalu cello   http://www.tammesalu.com

Ardo Ran Varres phonogram

About the festival:









Living Images




Yxus Ensemble performs Berlin Hauptbahnhof by Ardo Ran Varres



Original music for feature film A Friend Of Mine. (Exitfilm 2011)